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Empowerment with Ownership

April 28 - May 1, 2022

Woodland Park, Colorado

Limited to 15 Spots

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What is Empowerment to you?

It looks and feels different to everyone.

By taking control of our lives and the choices we make and by owning those choices, we feel empowered to do more for ourselves and what's best for the life we lead. 

Vision of the Retreat

3 days of Play, Connection, Relaxation and Empowerment!

Giving yourself permission to fully show up for the weekend as you enjoy a retreat curated for you. You'll enjoy benefits of wellness and healthy, delicious meals to workshops that will change your lives and bring empowerment into areas that effect us most. You'll have the luxury of a stunning mountain home and the relaxation of the surrounding nature. Enjoying a nighttime DJ and lounge to take in the day and connect with others. The weekend will leave you feeling ready and empowered to go back to life and take it head on!

Once you're empowered and taking ownership of your life, you feel a sense of peace and joy in the decisions you make. You will be surrounded and supported by everyone in your process of finding your empowerment. It will be a safe space for you to explore more of yourself and your mindset. 

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Open to Men and Women

*Accommodations will be separate*

I am excited to have this retreat open to both men and women and the masculine and feminine energies! There will be separate workshops and workshops together! The mens workshops will be held by male facilitators and the women's by a female.

Overview of the Weekend

Arrival - Thursday at 9AM
Departure - Sunday at 10AM

- Accommodations in a beautiful, private property with acres of mountain views

- Wellness Spa including hot tub, sauna and gym

- Chefs dinners and catered meals

- Luxury Gift Bag 

- Mens Workshops with Constantine Johns and Kyle Gray

- Women's Workshops with Phoebe Pierpoint and Sarah Sathre

- Men+Women's Workshop

- Nighttime DJ+Lounge

- Fire Pit for ceremony and celebration

- Movement: Yoga+Work Out

- Embodiment Practice

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$1,500 plus travel

Payment Plan:
$500 Deposit

$75 OFF until December 24

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